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"Technology to Treatment"

"Biomarkers to Bedside"

Development and Validation of Technology for Time Critical Genomic Testing 

"Discovery to Diagnosis"

"Innovating Healthcare, Enhancing Lives"

The DEVOTE Programme aims to improve the translation of genomic technology into the clinical setting, enhancing industry access to world-class academic expertise, and providing a dynamic and flexible pathway for collaboration.


The DEVOTE Programme is a collaborative partnership between clinicians and academics. Partners bring multidisciplinary expertise in the development, validation and implementation of novel healthcare technologies in the NHS.


DEVOTE is delivering on a range of projects in collaboration with industry partners. Each DEVOTE project aims to move a biomarker or technology along the translational pathway, with the ultimate aim of achieving clinical implementation. 


We utilise a unique non-linear translational pipeline with multidisciplinary expertise leveraged at each stage of the development process. This aims to maximise the likelihood of successful implementation. 

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