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"A Diverse Portfolio of Projects"

The DEVOTE Programme launched in April 2023 with three innovative projects, each of which represents a collaboration between clinicians, academia and an industrial partners.

Each project aims to develop technology which addresses a clear unmet need with clear clinical and market niches. The programme aims to meaningfully advance these technologies across the translational pathway, from biomarker to bedside.


Live Projects

Rapid Clopidogrel Diagnostics in Stroke

The purpose of this project is to develop a rapid, cost effective, point-of-care test to test for CYP2C19 genotype by the bedside to guide stroke therapy. This solution will be optimised and validated prior to performance evaluation in stroke patients to support regulatory certification to facilitate commercialisation. 

As well as expanding a skilled workforce within Greater Manchester, if deployed, our indicative health economic analysis suggests CYP2C19 guided stroke therapy has the potential to avoid thousands of strokes each year, improving population health outcomes and saving significant resources for the NHS. 

Ultra-Rapid Genetic Point of Care Devices

To address the unmet need for new technological solutions to deliver ultra-rapid point-of-care genotyping, this project will focus on the development of a novel, rapid and re-programmable point of care system combining CRISPR-Cas gene recognition technology with an organic electronics device platform. 


With proof of principle already demonstrated, this collaboration has the potential to stimulate significant academic and industry activity, building on Manchester’s existing expertise in advanced materials. The deployment of ultra-rapid genetic point of care devices could revolutionise our approach to precision diagnostics.  

The Pharmacogenetic Passport

Members of the DEVOTE team are leading an NHS-England initiative to develop a pharmacogenetic service in England (PROGRESS). 

Partnering with a molecular diagnostics partner the project team will develop an end-to-end solution for pharmacogenetic testing and reporting, overcoming current barriers. A broad, ethnically inclusive, gene panel capable of detecting a range of pharmacogenetic targets determined in collaboration with clinicians and academics.  

An informatic solution will then be developed to transfer this data into the clinical setting. The system will be tested in the clinical setting at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Christie Hospital, supporting regulatory certification. This system has the potential to capture a significant proportion of the pharmacogenetic testing market. 


Become an Industry Partner

If you or your company are interested in finding out more about the DEVOTE programme, get in touch using the link below. 

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