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Academic & Clinical Partners



With expertise in genomic medicine and laboratory science, our team have extensive experience in the development and validation of technologies which have been successfully implemented in the NHS and are used routinely. 


Health Economics

Our health economists work with industry partners to understand the economic implications of genomics-based interventions, ensuring that they are both financially sustainable and designed to meet the end-user requirements. 


Implementation Science

Our implementation science experts provide industry partners with the tools and expertise they need to successfully navigate the complex process of bringing new genomics-based interventions to market, from regulatory compliance to clinical trial design and beyond.


Material Sciences

With deep knowledge of material sciences, our academic partners can work with industry to develop new technologies and approaches to support genomics-based interventions, with a specific focus on advanced sensing tools. 


Health Informatics

Our health informatics experts leverages the power of big data and advanced analytics to help industry partners translate genomic insights into real-world clinical practice, supporting more effective and efficient patient care. With a detailed understanding of the NHS informatic landscape, we will work with partners to ensure genomic data can be accessed across the healthcare ecosystem. 


Genome Editing

Our team have significant expertise in genome editing technologies and support industry partners to navigate this this rapidly-evolving field. The team have leveraged CRISPR based systems for a range of diverse applications.

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