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The DEVOTE Programme

The DEVOTE Programme is a multidisciplinary collaboration bringing together academic and clinical excellence from across Greater Manchester's innovation ecosystem.

It is increasingly recognised that genetic information can be used in routine clinical practice to improve patient care. However, at present, genetic tests are too slow to test for these changes in a clinically relevant timeframe. Traditional genetic tests take many weeks or months to come back, which is far too slow to be used in most clinical settings. Emerging technologies have the potential to change this. The challenge for biotechnology companies is understanding how best to implement these technologies in a given clinical setting.


DEVOTE will address this by developing a translational pipeline with collaboration between industry, universities, and healthcare professionals to support the development and implementation of time critical genomic testing technologies. This builds on Greater Manchester’s world leading reputation in this space, empowering industry to focus on their core business of technology development, whilst academic and clinical partners work to ensure said technologies are cost effective, well placed in the market, and designed with patients  in mind.


We are a consortium of clinical and academic experts with expertise in Genomics, Health Economics, Implementation Science, Material Sciences, Health Informatics, Organic Chemistry, Regulatory Science, Statistical Analysis and Research Governance.


Our team have decades of experience in the development, validation, assessment, and implementation of new technologies in NHS.  

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