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"A Non-Linear Translational Pipeline"

Unlike typical linear research and development pipelines, DEVOTE recognises the need for an agile and iterative strategy for  the modern translational pathway. The DEVOTE programme will split the translational pathway into a series of distinct development phases and expertise domains. This ensures that expertise is not siloed and is properly contextualised.


In practice, this means that guidance from implementation scientists, health economists, regulatory experts, trialists, and health informaticians is provided to industry across a project, rather than simply at discrete time points, as is current practice.

DEVOTE has created eight expertise domains (1-8) which represent specific areas of knowledge and skills. By bringing together experts from different domains, DEVOTE is able to leverage a diverse range of perspectives and approaches to address complex challenges, leading to more effective and efficient translation of scientific discoveries into improved patient outcomes.

Domains of Expertise

A - Genomics

B - Material Sciences

C - Genome Editing

D - Implementation Science

E - Health Economics

F - User Cantered-Design

G - Health Informatics

H - Regulatory, Quality Assurance and Governance

Development Phases

1 - Biomarker Characterisation ​

2 - Assay Development 

3 - Assay Validation

4 - Assay Optimisation

5 - Health Informatics

6 - Implementation Studies

7 - Health Economics Evaluation 

8 - Regulatory Support

Traditionally, each development phase (1-8) is undertaken as an independent step in the pathway. This can lead to teams working in silos and results in research projects getting lost in the so-called ‘valley of death’.  DEVOTE recognises the inherent interrelatedness and non-linearity of the modern translational pathway. By championing “team science” and facilitating multi-disciplinary and cross-industry collaboration, the potential of achieving real world implementation and patient benefit will be enhanced

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